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Best WordPress Theme Free WordPress Theme

Today I present you one of the best WordPress theme, which is also a free WordPress theme.

In this digital era, Google has a lot of algorithms to rank a website. A well-coded theme can contribute to gaining some ranks for your website. Nothing is better to start a blog than to start with a well coded light theme for your blog, which can eventually help you rank well in Google SERP ranking.

If you were with me on how to finalize a theme, then you will agree with the fact that a theme has got more to contribute than just to beautify your website.

Picking up a theme without doing a proper research is like buying fruits shining outside but rotten inside. Below mentioned points will help you understand the importance of theme:

  1. Google wants your websites to be fast and two things contribute to that. First is your Web hosting service and the second is to load important codes/scripts first. Now if you are a coder, then you would certainly understand what loading important codes first means. But if you are not a coder, then for you, it means that unnecessary codes/scripts are running first than to load your website first. Most of the time that delays the loading time, making your website slow in Google’s eye. Which means losing your SERP ranking;
  2. Your website must have easy to read content, both for your reader and for Google. A Well coded theme makes your content easy to read for your readers by providing sufficient customization options. Plus they make those contents easy to read to Google by conveying structured data. You may find details of schema rich content here. Read the descriptions under Properties of Blog & Properties of Creative Work (Read the descriptions in detail to understand each).
  3. Google is concerned to deliver the most relevant search results to their mobile users as well. So one relevancy factor among many for mobile users is non-adjusted web pages on mobile. A well-coded theme is light, flexible and responsive enough to adjust itself as per mobile screen. Resulting in great user experience, increasing your SERP results.

I think we are missing the track so coming back to Astra, how is it the best free WordPress theme for you?

Best WordPress Theme:

Below listed promised features are the commitments made by the organization. In case you face any difficulty in these then feel free to log a ticket and soon you’ll get a positive response. (I got that).

1. Easy Customization Option:

Start A Blog With Best Free WordPress Theme "ASTRA"

With Astra Theme, you get customization option for almost everything. Few are listed below:

Site Identity Customization:

Under this option, you can set website identities like a logo, site title, tagline or site icon.

Container Customization:

What is a Container? A container is a space left excluding header and footer on the webpage.

Colors & Background Customization:

You get the option to choose and change different colors for all possible options. Like you can change the color of theme, text, link, link hover and background.

You get these options for all sections available in WordPress blog. For example, you can change them in Header Section, Footer section, Bar, and Background.

Typography Customization:

You can choose and use typography for your website in all different ways at all different places. Example, you can choose very different fonts for your heading and a different font for contents. You can choose different size and pixels for different kind of pages.

Plus you get the option to choose

  • Font Weight
  • Text Transform
  • Font Size
  • Line Height
  • Paragraph Margin Bottom

Header Customization:

You get options to customize headers in so different ways, which is not possible with any other free theme.

  • Primary Header Options
  • Color and Typography for Primary Header
  • Header Sections (Above and Below Header) with Astra Pro
  • Sticky Header
  • Transparent Header
  • Page Headers

Blog Page Customization:

This covers 2 types of pages to customize blogs.

  • Single post blog page
  • Archive blog page

First, you can customize how your blog page will look and what metadata it should show. Second, you can customize how your blog archive page will look.

Sidebar Customization:

You get the option to customize your sidebar. Decide whether you want it on right side or on the left side. Option not to show it anywhere or can remove it from certain pages only.

Footer Customization:

You get the option to customize footer at 3 places.

  • Overview Section
  • Widget Section
  • Bar Section

Meta Customization:

Customizing Metadata for all different pages has never been as easy as it is with Astra. You just have to enable Astra Settings from screen options on page/post.

Start A Blog With Best Free WordPress Theme "ASTRA"

2. WooCommerce Integration Friendly:

Start A Blog With Best Free WordPress Theme "ASTRA"

It’s WooCommerce integration friendly means that WooCommerce integrates it’s customization features in it automatically, without putting any extra efforts. Plus it gives you a separate tab for Woocommerce customization for different sections.

  • Shop Page
  • Single Product Page
  • Cart Page
  • Cart Icon in Menu
  • Container Settings
  • Sidebar
  • Base Color & Typography

3. Lifter LMS & LearnDash Integration Friendly:

Integrating Lifter LMS gives you following customization options specifically for Lifter LMS:

Container Setting

  • Boxed Layout
  • Content Box
  • Full Width/Contained
  • Full Width/Stretched

Sidebar Settings

  • Lifter LMS
  • Lifter LMS Courses/Lessons
  • Default
  • No Sidebar
  • Left/Right Sidebar
  • Sidebar Width

Lifter LMS Layout Settings

  • Course Columns
  • Membership Columns

5. Amazingly Light & Fast Theme:

Start A Blog With Best Free WordPress Theme "ASTRA"

You will be amazed at few below-listed features, which are very much different than normal themes available in the market for WordPress.

No jQuery:

Almost Every Theme created for WordPress has jQuery codes in them, which slows down your websites loading time. But this is the first theme (in my knowledge) created for WordPress without jQuery.

Which means no useless scripts running behind the scenes to consume your website loading time. It shortens the distance between click and load of a website.

Light Weight:

This theme uses less than 50 KB of resources to function properly. One is already listed above. Whereas most of the themes in the market consume more than 300 KB of resources to function properly.

You can imagine how extra scripts running behind the scene adds weight to them. Whereas ASTRA is featherlight.

Loads within 0.5 Seconds:

Tried and tested data over different testing websites shows and proves that ASTRA takes less than a minute to load.

It’s been tested on Pingdom, Google Dev, GT Metrix, YSlow. If you know any other reputed testing tool, then don’t hesitate to test it yourself.

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6. Library Of site available for free with Astra plugin:

Start A Blog With Best Free WordPress Theme "ASTRA"

You won’t believe that Astra provides ready to use free website with one of its free plugin on WordPress. The best part is that the plugin is also free.

Search for Astra Sites plugin, install it and activate it and boom. You are ready to go. Library of sites will be available in front of you within minutes.

7. Schema Markup:

Start A Blog With Best Free WordPress Theme "ASTRA"

Astra is the only theme I found till date which is SEO Schema Friendly. It provides almost every data of your blog to Google as it is.

You won’t have to touch anything extra to convey the structure of your blog to google to understand it properly. Astra will do it for you.

8. 100% Open Source:

Astra is 100% open source theme developed on Github. So if you want to see or contribute to it, feel free to do it on GitHub.

9. PageBuilder Friendly:

This theme is made page builder friendly, which means you can use almost every page builder with this theme. But best recommended free page builder for this theme are beaver builder and elementor.

Best responsive page building experience I ever had with these 2 page builders.

Free WordPress Theme:

Best WordPress Theme Free WordPress Theme

Being 100% open source theme, Astra is free now and will be free forever. So using it is never gonna cost you a penny. So use this free best open source license theme on your website to create almost anything you want to create.

You can create your own blog, e-commerce store, sell digital courses any many other things.

How to Install Astra Theme:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Add New
  2. Search for – Astra
  3. Install Astra
  4. Activate it

Now before you leave, if there’s something in the article, that’s not making sense to you…..Please feel free to ask.

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