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About Me:

Hi, My name is Chandra Prakash and I am the founder of Start Your Blog.


I am a full-time HR Professional, who somehow came to know about the potential of Blogging World. But I am also the victim of Analysis Paralysis.

So instead of diving right into it, I followed few famous world renowned bloggers and learned a lot about it from them. But then I realized, that blogging world is like a maze, which keeps on changing.

Let’s take an example of Brian Dean [founder of]. In his interview with Forbes, he told that he was deep in Black Hat SEO in 2009/2010 bubble. And the moment he thought he is succeeding and is on his way to passive income, Google Panda raised its ugly head and wiped out his web traffic overnight. And even after that strike, he raised himself once again and founded backlinko, which is world-renowned today.

But it was not easy for him to make a name for himself in such massive noisy market of Online Marketing. He was in competition with great, massive players of market. But he made smart moves to make his space.

Being inspired of such stories, where people make more smart moves to move ahead of their competition, taking some unusual paths, I started this blog. Where I’ll be writing about smart moves made by bloggers, which made them move ahead of the competition.


To write about smart things being done by bloggers. Which will help you succeed, in your blogging journey.

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