Inmotion Hosting: Best Web Hosting in 2018

Inmotion Hosting: Best Web Hosting in 2018

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Let’s Review Inmotion Hosting Services together. Inmotion hosting is considered one of the best hosting service provider. Due to its free SSD drives, its hosting services provides best speed for your website, with no downtime.

Despite such a good web hosting speed, it’s hosting cost is competitive with other major players in market. Only difference is that they do not provide too good discounts at initial level, like others.

We already have discussed web hosting in detail, generalizing shared web hosting with it. In case you have not started your blog yet, use some help. It’s no time waster guide. Just follow along and you’ll be well guarded and guided on each and every step to take well-informed decisions to start your blog.

Now coming back to our discussion, we’ll analyse web hosting services by inmotion hosting on certain simple yet very important factors discussed earlier. Let’s start by learning something in brief about Inmotion Hosting.

About Inmotion Hosting: 

Founded in 2001 (Old) Head Quartered at Los Angeles, with employee 200+ employee strength. The team of web hosting experts with Inmotion comes with an average of 4 years of professional hosting experience (Experienced).

Support staff comes on board only after completing minimum 160 hrs. of rigorous internal training. On training completion, they start serving their clients 24 X 7 (Reliable).

Inmotion Hosting Performance:

I always prefer to check the performance first. Once satisfied with the performance, then move ahead to see the pricing, as price without performance doesn’t count for me.

Speed Test:

Why speed test? Faster websites are loved and ranked higher by search engines and are good at retaining their customers more.

Certain studies have found that delay by a second cost 7% of your conversion,11% of your web traffic and 16% less satisfied customers. Simplifying it, if your site earns $100,000 a day, then it may lose 2.5 million in sales this year.

To do the speed test I used Pingdom and you may see the results in the screenshot below:

Inmotion Hosting Speed Test

You can see that the site loaded within 2 seconds for a server in New York City.

Load Test:

I used LoadImpact to run this test. It creates virtual users and gradually sends them to 100 users. Below is the screenshot of the same:

Inmotion Hosting Load Test

You can see it performed consistently, maintaining its response time, lowest of which is 450 milliseconds, which is 0.45 Seconds (less than even a second).

Up Time:

As we know the importance of uptime, discussed in my previous article (which you may find here), we decided to check that as well. You may see the result by yourself in the screenshot below:

Inmotion Hosting Up Time

Server Response Time:

The test above can be said as inaccurate in terms of server response time, which tells how quickly the server responds to users requests.

To test server response time I used another tool which records only server’s response time from different locations to user request. Below is the screenshot of the result:

Inmotion Hosting Server Response Time

Now that we have analyzed its performance, we can move ahead to see what it has for us.

Types of Hosting:

Though Inmotion hosting provides all kind of hosting services available in the market, but we’ll keep our focus on the 2 (Shared & WordPress), as both are Linux hosting and are preferred for WordPress hosting.

Inmotion WordPress Hosting Plans:

Inmotion has 6 WordPress Hosting Plans available for its customers. Below is the market price snapshot available for you:

  • WP-1000S (Great For Small Blogs): Available in market for $6.99/Month with 22% off;
  • WP-2000S (1st Choice for Small Business & Blogging): Available in market for $10.99/Month with 15% off;
  • WP-3000S (For Developers & Growing Business): Available in market for $14.99/Month with 11% off;
  • WP-4000S (Flexible WordPress Hosting): Available in market for $29.99/Month with 18% off;
  • WP-5000S (Robust WordPress Hosting): Available in market for $59.99/Month with 20% off;
  • WP-6000S (Ultimate WordPress Hosting): Available in market for $114.99/Month with 19% off;

But we got exclusive discounts for our readers on few plans. You may see the plan prices available after discount, exclusively for readers only.

Inmotion WordPress Hosting Plans with discount

Sorry, I got carried away, we were talking about shared web hosting. No worries, I’ll write another article on WordPress Web Hosting by Inmotion Hosting. Want it, Click Here to Purchase.

Now let’s come back to Shared Web Hosting.

Inmotion Shared Hosting Plans:

Inmotion Hosting has 3 plans in shared hosting:

Inmotion Shared Hosting Plans

Click on the image above to purchase the hosting.

Pros of Inmotion shared hosting plans:

  •  Free SSD Drive: Inmotion hosting servers use SSD Drive, which means your website will load faster. Up to 20 X faster than normal spinning drives. Most Hosting Service Providers don’t even have it and those who have it, charge extra for it, but you’ll get it free, without any extra cost. (You may read more on SSD Drives from here);
  • Free Domain Name: All of these plans include free domain name worth $14.99 value, without any additional cost;
  • Unlimited: Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth and Email, which is not only important for your WordPress website but also rare combination available in the market;
  • Free Marketing Tools: Tools such as Advertising Credit, Email on the device, visitor statistics and all for free on the most basic LAUNCH plan (includes more on POWER & PRO);
  • Security Suite: Tools such as SSL, Hack Protection, Automatic Backups and DDoS Protection (free on all plans), which is for sure to be paid with most of the service providers;
  • 1 click installer: Inmotion Hosting provides over 400 applications you can install in 1 click;
  • Hassle-Free Website Migration: Don’t worry if you already have your site hosted somewhere else. Inmotion helps you transfer it to its server all for free (Till 3 or fewer cPanel accounts, databases and/or websites, above that $10/item, if done by them);
  • 90 days money back guarantee: Phew…….no one gives that (as much I know). Buy the hosting and if you find any problem within 90 days (which is really a lot), ask for the refund.

Cons of Inmotion shared hosting plans:

  • Phone Verification: Although it’s a good policy to prevent frauds, but a hassle for non-US customers.
  • No Option for Monthly Billing: Even the starter plans have yearly billing scenario. The longer is the billing period, the higher is the discount.
  • Definitely not the cheapest: The plans are competitive enough with a large number of pros, so definitely you can’t expect it to be cheaper, but the value is worth of it.

Inmotion Hosting: Best Web Hosting in 2018

Final Verdict: 

If you wanna upgrade your hosting, to WordPress Hosting (of other service providers), but also want the flexibility of shared hosting, then I would definitely recommend you to go for it. Its shared hosting service has the quality, which is gonna beat most features of WordPress Hosting Services in the market, that too with so much flexibility. Click here to buy.

Now before you leave, if there’s something in the article, that’s not making sense to you…..Please feel free to ask.

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