[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

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Today I present you one of the most in-demand Bluehost Coupon. With this coupon, you’ll get 66% saving on hosting + Free domain.

If you remember I told you not to purchase the domain name when you can get it free with your hosting package. Here is that chance for you to get a free domain with 66% saving on hosting for 36 months.

Before we proceed ahead, let’s be clear whether it’s good for you or not. We already have Reviewed Bluehost Hosting on certain important parameters discussed earlier so we’ll not dive deep into them. But I will provide a brief overview of it.

Bluehost Coupon:

Bluehost Hosting Starts with $7.99 on the market. But here, Start Ur Blog Readers are getting the same at 66% saving on hosting + Free Domain.

Bluehost Hosting has 3 shared hosting plans, and each plan gives you a free domain name + Free SSL Certificate.

In Hurry? Grab the deal 

Bluehost Basic Plan

  • You can host 1 Website on this plan;
  • Include 1 Free Domain;
  • You get a metered Website space of 50 GB, which is good to start with;
  • Unmetered bandwidth, Which is a definite requirement;
  • The limited number of sub-domains to 25;
  • 5 Email Accounts with 100 MB of storage/account. Which Seems Less, but you can always use talk to their Customer Support and ask for some upgrade on this.

Bluehost Plus & Prime Plans

  • You can host Unlimited Website on this plan. Good to go with any of these, if you are willing to change your web hosting service provider;
  • Include 1 Free Domain;
  • Unmetered Website space;
  • Unmetered bandwidth, Which is a definite requirement;
  • Unlimited number of sub-domains;
  • Unlimited Email Accounts with unlimited storage;
  • Marketing Offers worth $200;
  • 1 Spam Expert;
  • 1 Domain Privacy;
  • CodeGuard Basic Site Backup (Only for Prime Plan Holders)

How to setup your WordPress Blog With Bluehost Hosting

Head Over to Bluehost Website, where you’ll be landed over to a page something like in the image below.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Click on Get Started to land on next page, to choose your hosting plans.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Well if you are just starting your blogging journey, then go for Basic Plan. Once you select your preferred plan, you’ll be redirected to choose your domain name.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

I do understand the difficulty you can face in choosing your domain name. I also have wasted a lot of time and money in deciding and finalizing my domain name. So here is how I guided my readers.

If you still feel stuck, no need to hurry on choosing your domain name. You can choose it later on with Bluehost. Just move your cursor towards back button and it’ll through a pop-up to choose a domain name later. Instead, they’ll add a free domain credit worth $11.19 value to your account to use it later.

If you already own a domain name, mention it in the right box and click next. It’ll land you on the registration page.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Fill up the registration form with the most accurate details. No need to worry, in case you made a mistake while filling up the form. You can always get in touch with their customer care 24 X 7.

To get maximum benefit from this coupon, choose the longest period you can choose. Doing this will remove your worries to pay extra for that much period. I would definitely recommend choosing your plan for next 60 months.

Choose Domain Privacy, only if you need to have it. I always recommend my readers to have it, as this can prevent you from online burglaries.

Site Backup is a very crucial thing to have, but why to have it here, if you can get a tool for free. There are a lot of options out there in the market, which you can use to do your site back up.

Once you click submit, you’ll be landed over to choose a password for your account.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Click on create your password and you’ll be landed over to the page to create and confirm your password + to accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Services. I would recommend to read it thoroughly (which usually no one does…. I didn’t). But I would recommend you to do it.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Once you create your password and accept Privacy Policy and Terms of Services, Click on next and it’ll prompt Congratulation message with login option.

Once you are done with these steps, wait to receive a welcome email from Bluehost. This email will contain your username (try not to miss it). Still, if you messed up, Customer care is always there for you. Request them to resend the email and you’ll receive it within next few minutes.

Here is everything you need to know regarding login and password of Bluehost.

Once you get your welcome email, head over to Bluehost to log in, with your username and password. This is how the cPanel of Bluehost looked in 2018.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Now Head Over to Marketplace

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Find the Website Section and Click Install WordPress.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Choose your protocol, as you want it to be. Here you have to decide whether you want your web address to include “www” before your web domain name or not and choose “https” in every case as this will help your website to be opened on others browsers without any security remarks, else it’ll pop-up security message on your reader’s browser as in the image below.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

So I would recommend to choose “https” and ask for an SSL certificate from your hosting service provider. There are a lot who provide it for free with hosting service, but some do charge as well. But You do not have to worry about it, as Bluehost provide SSL certificate to their clients for free.

Choose the domain name to install on it.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING AFTER “/”, as it’ll create a subdirectory and it’ll get added to your domain name while opening your blog.


If you want to install “yourdomainname.com” and you mentioned “blog” after “/”, then your web address will become “yourdomainname.com/blog” and then you have to access it by that name only.

So to let your domain name be as it is, DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING AFTER “/”

Mention your domain registered with the hosting service provider in the section choose domain.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Mention your site name & site description, then choose admin username and password (Make sure you choose admin name and password which not easy and common so that no one can guess it, else it might raise security issues at the later stage).

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Choose your site language as per your preference (if you want it in your local language). But if you want it to be universal, then make sure to choose the language, read and understood universally. I chose English.

Under Select Plugin(s) check it, if you want to curb down the brute force attacks.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Under Advanced Options:

Database Name

Leave it untouched;

Table Prefix

Leave it untouched;

Auto Upgrade (WordPress Themes & Plugins as well)

These are the options you must not check until you are sure that the plugin’s you installed on your site is safe enough to be auto-upgraded, and you’ll not be available to attend your website and check the viability of the plugins upgrade for it on regular basis. (Practice in the market: is to create a shadow/local WordPress site. It is to test your new projects and upgrades on it before you do it on your live site. It’ll prevent any damage to live site from the upgrade.)


Well, the backup will only work if you paid for it. So if you paid for it, then update these sections, else leave it.

Once install is done, check your domain name by writing down “yourdomain.com” on your web browser.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

To log in to WordPress dashboard, write down “yourdomain.com/wp-admin/” and hit enter. It’ll ask for your login Id and Password (you created while installing WordPress, as in the image below).

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Mention your login Id and password and it’ll open up your dashboard.

[Bluehost Coupon] Save 66% on Hosting + Free Domain

Bang…….Your WordPress is installed and you are ready to roll. Once you installed your WordPress, now you need to optimize it to make it good for optimum utilization.

Now what are you waiting for………Go and grab the offer.

Now before you leave, is there’s something in the article, that’s not making sense to you…..Please feel free to ask.

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