FaceBook CRM

Outreach like marketers with Pepper (Plan) on FACEBOOK for agencies

Review of Pepper?

Pepper is for entrepreneurs to do their Organic Marketing
It eases your “organic” sale efforts towards  that want to sell their service.

The goal is do easen the Nurturing of Leads.
This is accomplished by starting vip chats with coaches!

In fact it is a Chrome Extension to enable your business to land Valuable prospects.

Pepper has included a 5-Step Process for outreach more

A Main characteristic is that it enables one to take out of Facebook Communities into chats into Facebook messenger to finally land good contacts via a sales call to promote your services.

Also with Pepper, courses can be sold as affiliate marketeer.

Option A do lead nurturing on Facebook but with this option 2 Pepper you will definitely save hours and hours every single day .

This tool works automatically as your own online assistant.

Outreach with Pepper quite simple proces.

Look for the Pepper coupon for January 2021 ?

Try it out.

Finding : type a search term to locate FACEBOOK members in FB communities: E.g. Organic Marketing to target your perfect customers.

Lots of features : Pepper

Auto adding prospects and sending them FACEBOOK friend request to audience for example marketers
Auto messaging through a welcome template
You can use templates, so you can personalize through shortcode e.g. firstname.

It’s refered as personalized messages.

What people ask?

  • Can you get a Coupon for Pepper?
  • Is there a No money back guarantee for Pepper?
  • Who created Pepper? Is it Ed Akehurst. Is it Dream Big Media ?
  • Is Pepper refundable?

There are quite some settings

Let’s say
->FACEBOOK Friend Request


-> FACEBOOK Pepper Daily Request Limit

It’s based on the testing to not trigger the  algo so you are not getting banned and get in Facebook Jail. No red flags will be raised.
It uses random timings to look very normal so don’t fear you will not get get banned from FaceBook.
Thus you are safe Your FACEBOOK profile will not get banned.

There is a limit of twenty messages day.

This is not only a Facebook Messenger . It for sure is a  FACEBOOK Automation. We are the first launching such a powerfull tool

An extra add-on:
Sort persons or marketers or agencies with tags. For Example source of lead or Dream Client
Basicially it is to distinguish between cold and warm leads on FaceBook.
So perfect to tag the relation with the person.

Why categories behind outreach  with Pepper

Take marketers into a Conversation and follow up with the people into the 1 to 1 conversation on facebook.
Give them the link to a sales page. Basically bringing them from new FB friend to hot client.  Book a session with them and finally make him/her  a dream customer.

Due to the tags, we can utilize predefined messages to send messages without losing time. You can add emoticons.
Also you can customize all those categories: you even can give them beautiful colors.

Basicically you can reverse engineer sales.

FaceBook has a limit of number of friends. With Pepper you can remove Facebook friends in Bulk

You have several editions: Pepper ∞ or Pepper + and Pepper regular.

You can moreover become Partner through the section.

The chat support is great as there are a lot of instruction tutorials.

Moreover you can add additional information to Pepper
Also add push notifications.

You will get nice notifications also with calendar integrations Google Calendar. In future you can plan messages for Pepper.
You can put notes on person template or on more global templates, applicable to a tag.

Comparison Pepper4FB or …

Other features of
-> First / FaceBook Friend CONNECTOR
Go to users area and get the Chrome Extension to send FaceBook friend requests to marketers.
-> Two :   Genius messenger
This is the CRM features
Extra has a backup feature.
-> Three ChatSILO
chatsilo is a tiny FACEBOOK Messenger crm that allows you to nurture FB messenger prospects, manage projects, keep track of important chats, start quality  relations, check in with customers, agencies, reach your aim, get the sale and …