FB Customer Relation Management

Generating leads like course creators using Chatsilo (Buy) on Facebook for entrepreneurs

Pricing of Chatsilo?

Chatsilo is for business owners to do your Lead Gen
It accelerates your “organic” sale efforts oriented towards  that want to sell their stuff.

The goal is do facilitate Sales efforts.
This is done by automating high-level conversations with coaches.

Actually it is saas to allow you to land High-Ticket leads.

Chatsilo has included a Multi Step Process for generating more leads

A Main feature is that it allows one to take leads out of FB Groups into chats into Facebook messenger to finally land valuable customers through a personal call to sell your services/products.

Also with ChatSilo, digital products can be offered as affiliate marketer.

Option 1 do lead generation on Facebook but with this option B ChatSilo you will asbolutely save hours each day .

This plugin works automatically as your personal online coach.

Generating with ChatSilo super easy proces.

Look for the ChatSilo price for January 2021 .

Try it out.

Looking for leads : enter search terms to locate Facebook people in facebook communities: For Example: Click Funnels to attract your dream clients.

Features : ChatSilo

Auto add people and sending them Facebook friend request to clients like course creators
Automatically messaging through an intro message
You can use our Framework, meaning you can personalize through short codes for example lastname.

It’s called customized messages.

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There are quite some configurations

->Facebook Friend Request


– Facebook ChatSilo Daily Request Limit

It’s based on the experience to not fire the  algo so you are not getting banned and get in trouble with Facebook. No red flags will be raised.
It uses randomization to look very human so don’t worry you won’t get banned from FaceBook.
So you are safe Your Facebook account will not get banned.

There is a limit of 20 chats day.

This is so cool a Facebook . It for sure is a  Facebook Acceleration . We are the first launching such a powerfull tool

An extra add-on:
Sort people or course creators or entrepreneurs with labels. E.g. sales stage or Dream Client
So it is to distinguish between cold and warm leads on facebook.
Meaning perfect to tag the relationship with the customer.

Why categories behind generating  leads with Chatsilo

Bring course creators into a Conversation and follow up with the persons into the one on one conversation on FB.
Give them a hyperlink to a tutorial. Meaning bringing them from new facebook friend to new prospect.  Book a call with the person and in the end make him or her  an outstanding VIP customer.

Due to the tags, we can utilize predefined messages to send messages without a hassle. You can add emoticons.
Also you can customize all those tags: you moreover can assign them nice colors.

Very powerful you can analyze sales.

Facebook has a limit of number of friends. With ChatSilo you can delete facebook friends all at once

You have different programs: ChatSilo ∞ and ChatSilo PLUS or ChatSilo regular.

You can also get access to member through the portal.

The chat support is good with the lots of instruction video’s.

So you can add extra information to ChatSilo
Also add desktop notifications.

You will receive cool notifications optionally with calendar integrations Google Calendar. Perhaps you can schedule messages for ChatSilo.
You can add notes on person template or on more global level, applicable to a tag.

Alternatives Pepper4FB or Genius Messenger CRM

Before you go
-> 1 FaceBook Friend Connector
Go to users section and download the Tool to send FB friend requests to course creators.
-> Two :   Genius messenger
It contains the CRM stuff
Uniquely has a backup button.
-> Third/ CHATSILO
ChatSILO is a mini FACEBOOK Messenger crm that allows you to generate FB prospects, manage projects, analyze important conversations, build great  relationships, check in with prospects, entrepreneurs, reach your goals, get the sales and many more