How To Choose, Finalise and Register A Domain Name before Starting A Blog

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You are about to start a blog, but got struck by a basic lightning question of how to choose, finalize and register a web domain name.

Here I tried to answer a few fundamental questions to my readers, which are common and pops up in their mind before starting their new WordPress Blogs. Questions like:

  • How can I choose, finalize and register web domain name or
  • what domain name should I use or
  • where should I register my domain name ? and I am very much sure that you also must have either gone through this question or else you are still trying to find the answer to them.

Even if you already have gone through this stage, I would recommend you to go through it. The possibility is that you might have missed something and wanna improve it.

I remember, that I tried 2 different domain names (of course spend money on them) and scrapped them before finalizing “” as my domain name.

So today we will talk about some fundamental considering factors before you finalize your domain name and go ahead to spend a penny on it.

Before we dive in how to choose, finalize and register a domain name, let’s first understand it’s categories.

Categories Of Domain Names:

Before we begin, let me tell you that the types we are about to talk are not the technical categories, which is not even required to be known at this stage, as going deep in them will not be helping us in resolving our simple question of “what domain name I should use.” But if you still want to know about them in detail, you may see them here.

Getting back to our topic, answering the simple question in a non-technical way simplifies domain names in 2 categories:

  • Generic Domain Name
  • Keyword Domain Name

Generic Domain Names:

What are Generic Domain names? It’s so simple that even if we go by its name, we will be able to understand that it’s something non-related to anything. It can be said as a general name without meaning or relation to anything.

You may create a generic domain name just by choosing your name as a domain name……….yes you heard it right, select your name as a domain name and it’ll be very much okay. Using generic names are in trend and in practice in blogging industry because of its own strong points.

Generic names being non-associated/non-related to anything has its own freedom, and that’s the most reliable point of this type of name. You can use this domain name to move in any industry and can expand its exposure at any given point of time you wish too.

Keyword Domain Names:

These are the domain names which are more specific and bound or related to some industry and carry its own meaning and niche with itself, bounding the blogger and it’s reader to be focused about its contents and readership. For example “”

This is the name, which is very much specific, carries its own meaning, niche and boundaries. A user of this domain would be bound to post contents related to Canada and to its bloggers as readers outside Canada won’t follow this blog.

But this does not mean that it lacks strength. This category of a domain name has its own strength from SEO point of view. If you choose a name with evergreen industry, you may get a lot of readership for the specific domain. For Example “”

This name is focused on Blog related SEO contents, so if the contents of this blog are well crafted, then it can attract most bloggers dealing with SEO issues very quickly.

Now as we know about the general categories of domain names, let’s move ahead to understand, what are the factors to be considered before choosing and finalizing a domain name.

How to Choose, Finalize & Register a Domain Name:

Now that you are aware of the categories of the domain name. It’ll help you by giving you a clear picture of what you are about to get, from each kind of domain name.

Suppose you chose a Generic Domain name, then it’ll have its own efforts to make it a success. Whereas, if you chose a keyword focused domain name, then it’ll help you rank better easily.

But remember, both require a good effort to rank better. You can’t rank better by writing crappy articles on your blog and expect it to rank better, just because you have a keyword domain name.

Now let’s dive in the things to consider before choosing a domain name.

Possibility to change the domain name in the future:

You must choose, finalize and register a domain name, considering this point. As this will not be an option for you, once you have a regular traffic coming to your blog.

Apart from this, once your blog has established a reputation in the market, people will start talking about it, start writing about it. Which means your blog will get a lot of backlinks from several other bloggers as well.

So at this stage of time, you can’t even think of changing your domain name. As changing the name might take everything from you, your backlinks, popularity and search traffic are all linked to your domain name, and all will be lost once you changed it.

Phone Test:

This is one of the greatest tests recommended to check the Word of Mouth popularity. Because if your domain name passes this test, then there is a possibility of gaining easy popularity by word of mouth.

Let’s do this:

Call someone among your friend list and tell them the domain name you chose for your blog. Now ask them to write it on any paper or anything they can use handy.

Now if that friend of yours is able to write down the domain name you gave him, without your help to spell it for him, then congratulations, your domain name passed the phone test. (Of course verify it with your friend, before celebrating).

Where to look for domain names available:

I would suggest you look for domain names on “Google Domains,”. Firstly, it provides you who is (Online Identity) security in less price than any other domain name service provider. Secondly, I can help you get your domain name for free from one of my recommended hosting service providers.

When to Buy:

Buy only if you found a very premium domain name, which you might miss if not obtained immediately. In that case, also I would recommend you to buy it from “Google Domain” only. As its one of the best legitimate and cheap option out there.

Manage Domain Name Servers:

If you purchased a domain name from Google Domain, and are hosting it with another hosting service provider. Then you’ll be in need to change your DNS, as per the hosting service provider. Steps to switch to custom name servers are as below:

  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. In the left navigation, click My Domains.
  3. Click the DNS tab 
    How To Choose, Finalise and Register A Domain Name before Starting A Blog
     for the domain name.
  4. Under Name servers, select Use custom name servers.
  5. Enter a custom name server in the Name server field.
  6. Click the + button to add each other name server.
  7. Click Save to save your name servers.

After you switch to custom name servers, set up new resource records with your DNS provider.

Now before you leave, if there’s something in the article, that’s not making sense to you…..Please feel free to ask.

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