Grammarly App Review: Your Writing Assistant

Grammarly App Review: Your Writing Assistant

Do you know that many people fear to write as well? It includes both public & private writing. It even comes under a category of phobia. It’s called Scriptophobia.

Once I also suffered from this. I was afraid to write publicly. Every time I picked up my pen to start writing, doubtful thoughts clouded my mind and stopped me. Before I even tried to start writing.

I know there are a lot of people, who even if not suffering from Scriptophobia. Still, have certain kind of fears in them. They also have the doubtful mind, clouded with a lot of fearful questions like:

  1. What will people say?;
  2. I am not perfect at grammar;
  3. Why people will read my article. There are lot more experienced writers out there?;
  4. My English is not very good;
  5. I make spelling mistakes;
  6. My sentences have punctuation errors in them;

So here is software for you, which can do wonders for you. This software will help you write anything, not only your blogs like a pro. Forget about making silly grammatical errors and focus on your writing.

With this, you can write your blogs and get your grammar check done side by side. Grammarly will work with you on your side, to check your grammatical errors and plagiarism detection in real-time, word for word.

Now you can laugh at all those questions back, as you got Grammarly. A companion, working on your side, which will take care of all your mistakes.

Look at this fabulous video demonstrating how Grammarly helps her.

How Grammarly Works:

The image below shows how Grammarly works for you. It detects every error in your writing (in real-time) and suggests you the corrections. Every word or phrase underlined red in the image below are the errors identified by Grammarly.

Grammarly App Review: Your Writing Assistant

The big white box which says “Add the hyphens” mentioning “eight-year-old” is the box suggesting the correction for you. If you feel to correct yourself on that particular that thing and it’ll replace that phrase or word with that correction. The number 7 in the circle below in the image is the number of errors detected by Grammarly in this article.

Here is a fabulous video demonstrating how exactly Grammarly works for you.

How I Started with Grammarly:

I started with its free plan using its extension available over chrome. You can use it too, for free, if you not willing to use any premium features available with this software.

Simple and easy way to add the extension:

Visit Grammarly, and you’ll see something like in the image below in your browser.

Grammarly App Review: Your Writing Assistant

Click “Add to Firefox,” and it’ll automatically add it as an extension showing the logo of Grammarly on the right side of your web address bar. To get started working with it, you just need to create a login, and it’ll begin its work.

Grammarly Premium Plans:

Grammarly premium is available in 3 plans.

Monthly: $29.95/Month

You can go with this plan if you are not sure whether you will continue with Grammarly or not, but are willing to try it before proceeding ahead. Well trying premium features of Grammarly for 1 month might feel a bit heavy on your pocket. It’s quarterly, and annual plans are a lot cheaper in comparison to this plan. Still, it depends on your need, so choose wisely.

Quarterly: $19.98/Month

Go with this plan if you already have tried Grammarly and are working on some small projects and need it for around 3 months or below that. Even if you need it for a period more than 3 months but below 6 months, I would still suggest you, go with this plan only, as 59.95 X 2 = 119.90. Well it’s less than $139.95

Yearly: $11.66/Month

If you are a regular writer with a lot of projects or a job which needs a lot of writing stuff to be done, go with this plan, as it’ll not be a burden on your pocket and will be worth the cost.

Here is how Grammarly help you professionally.

Simple Facts (Grammarly Vs. Others):

I tried many other options available in the market, but nothing stands near this.

  1. Other software’s available in the market are either only spelling checker, or else just plagiarism checker;
  2. Those who are spelling checker are free but will only check your spellings. MS-Word can do that for you;
  3. Those who are plagiarism checker are way costly (You may explore by yourself);
  4. Many do not have the flexible platform for use. You have to copy and paste your content into their platform to analyze your content;
  5. Only spelling check is not gonna help you in your writing;
  6. Neither only plagiarism is gonna help you;
  7. Many of them are also not real-time;

Here is what you can expect from Grammarly:

  1. Flexible platform as an extension to your browser. Be it Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge;
  2. Real-time analysis of your content on any platform. Whether you are writing on Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin or on any web platform;
  3. Not only correction but an explanation of your mistake and correction. Well, you can also learn through this;
  4. You can also integrate it with MS-Word and your Outlook;
  5. It not only checks and suggests spelling mistakes, but also grammar errors, Punctuation errors, appropriate Word suggestions/options as per your writing and also provide you relevant suggestions for style mistakes in your article;
  6.  It also detects plagiarism for you;
  7. You can access your documents on multiple devices;
  8. Add your words in your personal dictionary, if it’s not there;
  9. Get a performance stats via mail.


  1. MS-Word & Outlook Integration;
  2. You can switch your writing between the US and British English;
  3. It is Compatible with Apple Mac Computer;
  4. You can use it online on any platform to write;


  1. No other language Support, other than English;
  2. 24 X 7 support available, but only on e-mail. They provide no on-call support;
  3. You can not use it offline;

Now before you leave, if there’s something in the article, that’s not making sense to you…..Please feel free to ask.

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