How to Choose Web Hosting For your WordPress blog

Web Hosting For WordPress Website

Being a newbie blogger, it’s overwhelming to understand all the technicalities and choose a web hosting among those. To help you, let’s start with the basic understanding of Web Hosting for WordPress Website, as this is going to help you decide, what to do while buying a web hosting.

Server Compatibility:

Before you buy hosting services from a service provider, make sure that it has compatibility with WordPress, as it uses PHP & MySQL, for which your server should be running the latest version of PHP & MySQL. WordPress running requirements are as below:

  • PHP version 5.6 or greater;
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater;
  • MariaDB version 10.0 or greater

Server Uptime:

I have seen many companies offering free hosting space, but without any uptime commitment, whereas uptime is the most important thing for web hosting.

To make it easier, let’s suppose you have 1000 readers visiting your website in very different time zones. In case someone visited your site and found that it is not reachable, in that case, they’ll lose their confidence in you and stop following you. Apart from this, it’ll also affect your Search Engine Ranking, so I’ll recommend going for service that offers the uptime of minimum 99.99%.

Bandwidth & Storage:

Always go for the service which provides unlimited bandwidth and storage, as this is what you’ll need at a later stage. Guard (Domain Privacy): guard is of utmost importance for every web server, as this is what protects you from people online by protecting your online identity, such as your contact details, name, address, phone number by using free domain lookup service (such as If you are willing to protect your online privacy, go for it, else no need to buy it.

Type of Hosting:

Types of hosting listed below are both Linux hosting and are preferred for WordPress hosting.

Shared Hosting:

One of the most common, with Cheapest package is the best for newbie bloggers. Think of it as full-time access to nearby pool park, where you can go and enjoy at any moment of time, but it’ll be the shared access with other users as well, just like you.


  • Maintenance cost is too low;
  •  Super Affordable;
  • Supports all basic web hosting needs;
  • Easy to upgrade;


  • Your Server is shared with other websites;
  • Somewhere, somewhat limitations on traffic and resources

Best For:

Blogger who have just started their journey with doubt in their mind, whether they’ll take it as a full-time career for themselves or not. Here you get the opportunity to see the tip of the iceberg of the blogging industry from the top with less risk of losing too much.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Its new in the industry, but the most popular one. It has everything a WordPress site needs, as its tailored for that. They are a bit costlier than shared hosting but are worth the money. Think of it as using part of the pool, specially customized per your use and requirement. It’s a tailored suit for WordPress web hosting to improve its speed, performance, and security.


  • Much Faster than Shared hosting;
  • Much Secure, as it’s customized for WordPress only;
  • Supported by WordPress Expert;
  • 24/7/365 support available;


  • Limited for WordPress only;
  • Costly in comparison to shared hosting;
  • Customized, so limits use of some plugins;
  • Provides less technical control.

Best For: 

New bloggers, who just have started their journey and wish to have the choice and flexibility of WordPress Templates, Themes, and plugins for their site with some extra technical support from their web host.

Recommended Web Hosting Service Providers:

If you are willing to take this seriously and are ready to go for a long run, then I would recommend you the best web hosting service providers to you, used by millions of WordPress users, compatible with WordPress, easy to use and have maximum uptime for your web servers. We recommend only tested and tried hosting service providers to our readers.

Inmotion Hosting: 

Here is the snapshot of results that we found for Inmotion Hosting. You may see the detailed review here.

  • Speed Test resulted in it’s load time below 2 seconds;
  • Load Test resulted in it’s lowest response time of 0.45 Seconds;
  • Uptime test resulted in its uptime result as 100%
  • Server response time test resulted for “A+” performance of this hosting service.

Here is the snapshot of results that I found for HostGator. You may see the detailed review here.

  • Speed Test resulted in it’s load time below 5 seconds;
  • Load Test resulted in it’s lowest response time of 5.16 Seconds;
  • Uptime test resulted in its uptime result as 99.93%
  • Server response time test resulted for “A+” performance of this hosting service.

I haven’t reviewed Bluehost, as it’s one of the most preferred and recommended web hosting service by WordPress itself. Still, if you want me to review it, please comment below and soon you’ll see a detailed review on the same.

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