Improve your Google SERP rankings [by improving user experience] with these 12 on-page SEO techniques

Gone are those days when writing article or Blog Post was just stuffing keywords to rank higher in Google SERP ranking. Now google robots are much smarter and have raised the bar for blog writers. Google Uses around or more than 200 algorithms to rank a blog post. Learn how to Start Your Blog with these 12 Awesome Blog Post Tips & Improve Google SERP Ranking.

Google monitors your reader’s activity on your blog and every link pointing towards your blog. Your reader’s activity and the backlinks to your blog are two important ranking factors for your blog.

Today we’ll talk about “your reader’s activity“, and how it affects our blog ranking. Along with that, we’ll try some awesome blog post tips, which will improve our Google SERP ranking.

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Now coming back to our topic:

Factors Affecting Google SERP Rankings Directly

As you know Google uses around or more than 200 algorithms to rank a blog post. One of those is your reader’s activity on your blog post. Now let’s know what user activities affect our google ranking.

Scenario 1

You created an awesome Blog Post and published it. Google ranked it on the first page and yet no one clicked on it. Resulting immediate fall of your Google SERP ranking. Because Google will get the indication that your blog is not a good search result.

Scenario 2

Your Blog Appeared on the 1st page of SERP. Someone clicked to read it and returned back within few seconds. Resulting immediate fall of your Google SERP ranking. Because Google will get the indication that your blog is not a good search result.

Factor Affecting Google SERP Rankings Indirectly

  • Your Blog Posts are not shared, commented on, neither have an active community Eg. Facebook Group, where your readers can engage. Well in this scenario, Google will not touch you but others will rank higher who have these.
  • Those whose blogs have more comments, more shared, more talked about online and are mentioned, earn more Google SERP Ranking. Why? Because It’ll improve Google trust on that blog, considering the factor that others are mentioning and talking about your blog. (Note: Google trust improves only when someone shares a link pointing towards your blog).

Here are your on-page SEO techniques to Improve Google SERP Ranking

Now that we have known a little bit about what all affects your blogs Google SERP ranking, so now we can easily understand how these tips will work and why they are important.

The image below represents what your blog post must have

Blog Post Tips

1. Attention Grabbing Prominent Headline

Your blog post must have an attractive attention-grabbing headline, which could grab the reader’s attention instantly. Why? It’s Your headline which is more prominent in SERP results.

So it’s the very first door for your reader. If your readers find your title interesting and an answer to any of his question, then only he’ll think to take the next step.

Tools to improve your Headline

2. Meta Description (25 Words) Relevant To Title

Next step of a reader is to read the meta description below your title. Meta Descriptions can be said as the description of 25 words beneath your headline in SERP result. If your meta description carries relevant content in relation to the title, then the reader takes the next step, to click on your blog post.

So the correct use of these first 2 steps increases your CTR, eventually leading to upper ranking in Google SERP results.

3. Write Small Sentences

It’s proven fact that human losing his span of attention day by day. So help your reader by writing small sentences. Smaller sentences break the content into smaller pieces, making easier for the reader to grab it well. Resulting in his connection with your article.

The more your reader connects with your article, the more he will read. It’ll lead to more time spent by your reader on your blog, indicating Google to increase the worthiness of this article in its eyes. Increased worthiness will increase your SERP rank.

4. Use Bullet Points

Always use bullet points to list out things. Suppose you are writing about your product or the product you are promoting. Use bullet points to bring out the exclusive positive/negative points (where ever you want to divert their attention).

Bullet points are like small headlines. They grab attention first under any headline. They provide the crispy meat of that headline in short + being short, they are easy to remember.

Remember, the more your reader is able to connect with your article, the more he’ll stay. The more he’ll stay, the more your Google will trust you. The more Google will trust you, the more your SERP ranking will increase.

5. Call For Action In The End

Never ever forget to end your article without any call for action. Now, what is a call for action? Call for action generally in the blogging industry is said to be the buttons to register, download, add to cart or something like this. But for me, it is to ask your readers to do some activity after reading your blog in relation to it.


Suppose you write articles about learning CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY. You wrote an article giving all kind of details about how you can do it and do that. What kind of instruments they can use to get the best results. Your readers read your article until the end. In the end, you asked your readers to share a CANDID click from the instrument they are using, mentioning the name of their instrument.

Why is it important?

It gives a sense of becomingness to your readers. It’s like giving the feeling that I have not left you after that blog. You are more than a blog reader for me. Your happiness and involvement count for me. So share me those clicks and I’ll tell you how to improve.

It’s like someone is out there, who is not physically present for you, but ready to help you to guide you. Someone who understands what you are doing and what you are willing to do and he knows how to improve that.

6. Provide Prominent Social Sharing Buttons

Provide prominent social sharing buttons to your readers at all the time they are reading your article, but without disturbing them in reading. This will give them option always present in front of them to share your article in their social circle at any moment of time it touched them in any way.

Reason to share can be many and can be any, but sharing option should be prominent and in front of your reader. He should not search for an option to share your article, as that thought can disappear in a fickle of a second.

7. Provide Email Subscription Option

Always provide an email subscription option for your reader, so that he can subscribe to your blog through email.

Why Email Subscription?

Emails are always a better medium for one to one communication and interaction with your reader. Through Emails, you can get in touch with your readers directly and send them an immediate urgent important message, of which they might be in requirement.


You have several thousands of daily visitors on your website, but you have some maintenance stuff to do on it. With mails in your contacts, you can mail them mentioning the issue and your readers will understand.

Or else, you teach photography to your students, and you got to know of an offer with a timeline. With emails, you can mail the offer directly to your readers so that they can take benefit of it, but this can’t be done from blogs.

8. Show your social presence

Always show your social presence to your readers and the online communities you have. This will promote your readers to believe more in you + online communities will let them engage more with your content. Leading a more positive effect on your Google SERP Ranking.

9. Give Option to Search Contents Within

Always give an option to your reader to search for content on your blog. This will help you in two ways.

First, your reader will come again and again on your blog to search for helpful contents on your blog. Eventually leading to change in your Google SERP ranking.

Second, if your reader didn’t find the content desired, then you can find out what they were looking for and write about it. Google analytics gives you the option to know what your readers have searched for on your blog.

So now your readers when coming back will be able to find that content on your blog and this will again improve your SERP ranking.

10. Promote Your Latest or Popular Blog Posts

Promote your latest and popular post, so that your readers get a straight way to peek into your latest and most popular blog posts on your blog. Through this, you’ll achieve two things.

First, by sharing your latest content, your readers will have a look at them and if they liked it, then they’ll also get promoted in Google SERP ranking fast by your regular visitors.

Second, by sharing your most popular contents, your readers will get the option to look at them and their presence on those will improve your Google SERP ranking.

11. Provide Option to Change Languages

Most of your readers do not come from the same language background, or they are not as good to understand your blog post language. So providing them the option to change your post in their own language, can help in improving your Google SERP ranking.

Although it’s found that most of the readers do not prefer to change the language in any blog post to read them. Still, some do, so why to lose even those few. As those few may have a positive impact on your Google SERP ranking.

12. Use Creative Images

Although thumbnail is not said to be the most attractive point in blog posts, still it contributes a lot. If you can be creative enough to create your own thumbnail by providing some knowledge through it, then these thumbnails can also contribute.


Create infographics, giving comparison details of your industry and put your logo or blog name below it in small. Then, of course, people will use it on their blog or will share it online to share that information. Given the condition that it should be informative or creative enough to convey a message.

This will not give you a direct backlink, but will definitely contribute to pulling out some traffic to your blog. Even the increase in traffic will contribute to increasing the Google SERP ranking.

It also generates the possibility that the user of your image may give you a direct backlink, which will eventually lead to an increase in Google SERP Ranking.

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