How to improve your Google SERP Ranking Once you Start A Blog

Once you started a blog, you’ll be on the journey to hunt more traffic for your blog. One of the best traffic considered in blogging industry is the organic traffic. It’s considered best as it’s free, targeted and relevant traffic for your blog.

Relevant in a way that people who are searching for any specific thing on Google are ready to be customer for that particular niche. For example if i searched for best web hosting services for WordPress blog, then it’s an indication that i am looking for it with an intent to buy. Possibly not now, but somewhere in near future. So my search here on Google, is with intent to buy best web hosting for WordPress blog.

There are lot of ways to get that organic traffic and one among those is to appear on first page of Google SERP. How to appear on first page is one of the most discussed topic in SEO industry.

You would agree with me on the fact that Improving your Google SERP ranking is the combination of 200 algorithms of Google. No one outside Google actually knows, what exactly are those 200 algorithms.

You can find the list of all those 200 algorithms on few websites, but that’s also not accurate. Still, all they affect your website somehow, in one or the other ways.

I read most of the top reputed blogger in the industry. They all are like god in this industry. They share a lot of easy-looking suggestions to improve your Google SERP ranking, but it’s all broken in so different toolsets that sometimes you feel helpless.

I mean who the hell uses so many tools to write and manage a single website. I don’t think that a person who runs more than one blog will have time to manage so many tools simultaneously to manage those websites. Even if he’ll have a team to do that. It’ll be a sheer wastage of time.

Thank god that I followed them all, as it raised this doubt in my mind, which lead me here.

Before we go there, tell me, have you started your blog yet? If not, then you must read my step by step guide on how to start a blog.

Now, let us know what all is required to improve your Google SERP Ranking:

1. Finding Best Keywords which can improve your Google SERP ranking

The very first thing you’ll need to improve your Google SERP ranking is best keywords. Now you would have listened a lot about Google Keyword Planner. One of best free keyword planner tool available for bloggers.

I still use this tool, but tell me honestly, can you really find a better keyword. A keyword which can compete for you with other market leaders or help in your ranking.

Nowadays Google has even taken out keyword suggestion option in free version. You’ll get that option, only when you’ll run an ad using it.

But won’t you prefer a tool which can suggest better keywords using all those tools at one place? I will definitely go for something like that.

Actually, I found something which helps me find my keywords which can compete for me with other market leaders.

See how easily it suggests keywords for me.

 Rank Tracker – first-class rank checker and keyword research tool

Rank Tracker is an advanced rank monitoring tool that gathers a concise report of the ups and downs of your website’s ranking. The app lets you:

  • Keep a track of your site rankings performance in over 400 international and local search engines;
  • Check your competitors’ rankings and compare them to yours;
  • Monitor your and your competitors’ rankings in Google and Bing universal search result blocks: videos, images, news, shopping, places, etc.;
  • Set any location to collect rankings data for (geo-targeted search);
  • keep rankings history of each and every keyword;
  • monitor rankings on auto-pilot;
  • and more!

Equipped with 17 keyword research mechanisms, Rank Tracker lets you find a great number of keywords to optimize your website for. Each keyword is analyzed against KEI – the most reliable criteria to identify how SEO-lucrative a keyword is.

The software also provides you with valuable traffic stats from Google Analytics. With the tools you will learn:

  • the number of visitors your keywords is driving;
  • bounce rates for each keyword.

On top of that, Rank Tracker lets you analyze PPC data fetched from Google Adwords Keyword Tool. So your PPC and SEO efforts will work together in the most productive way.

Let’s see how heavy it is on your pocket:

improve your Google SERP Ranking

2. Better SEO Strategy which can improve your Google SERP Ranking

If you are a technical person and well aware of SEO magic wand, then probably you can understand what all it takes in Search Engine Optimization. But if you are not a technical person like me, then you definitely will be in need of some SEO personnel to help you in this.

But do you really know that the person claiming to help you can truly generate results? It’s good if he can, but what if he can’t? Are you in the situation to take such chances? Well, now I am not.

I hired several SEO experts (who claimed to be that). I did all they suggested and claimed that this will produce results, but nothing really worked. In the end, I was the one who lost money and time. They pocketed my money without generating any actual results.

But now I got something which not only works for me but also helps me understand the reason, why this is important. Don’t you think it’s amazing to learn while doing your thing, which provides results? I really am learning all the reasons while implementing those things.

See how I get those things get done.

 WebSite Auditor – on-page optimization software

WebSite Auditor is a top-level on-page SEO tool that handles all possible aspects of on-site optimization.

With WebSite Auditor, you can diagnose your site for various structure and coding errors that may be hindering your rankings progress. The software lets you find and fix:

  • broken links
  • HTML code errors
  • 404 and other server response code errors
  • links with “nofollow” tag
  • duplicate page titles, meta descriptions, and pages
  • pages blocked by robots.txt
  • and more!

Moreover, this fully-fledged content optimization module lets you optimize your website pages for any targeted keywords. With WebSite Auditor you can:

  • evaluate how your pages are currently optimized;
  • calculate the best keyword density for each HTML element of a page;
  • calculate the most appropriate keyword prominence for each HTML element of a page;
  • analyze your top competitors’ on-page optimization techniques and on that basis develop your own reliable on-page SEO strategy;
  • get professional on-page optimization advice and the detailed guidance.

Besides that, WebSite Auditor lets you improve your website crawlability and speed up the process of site indexing by search engines. With the tool, you can easily create and manage robots.txt files and generate .xml sitemaps.

Let’s see how heavy it is on your pocket:

improve your Google SERP Ranking

3. Finding Awesome Backlink Opportunities which can improve your Google SERP Ranking

You would have heard a lot of Blogging gurus. They teach you to do guest posts on other websites to generate more traffic. But do you know the catch?

They never tell you how to find those prospective websites, which could actually drive traffic to your website. They for sure tell you to find it on google through Google search. I mean is it really possible to find good prospects for guest posts through Google search. Hell no.

Through Google Search, you’ll end up finding at most 20-30 websites. You might think doing the guest post on them will be good. But you face the reality when you start the actual work of finding out their contact number and contact details.

You’ll waste hours in finding good Websites, then hours in finding their contact details. And when you get in touch with them, what happens? You will rarely get a response from anyone.

Even in the case, you get a response, from one or two and you do a guest post for them. And later you find that your traffic is still not too good. So what have you missed?

You missed the web authority and traffic of that website. How can you ever check that with Google search? Hell no.

But what if you get all of this data compiled for you at one place, within some time (say within an hour)? I am going to grab that thing instantly.

See how it helps me in finding out prospective websites for creating backlinks.

 SEO SpyGlass – backlink checker with a huge database of links

SEO SpyGlass is a powerful competition research and link checking tool. This tool can be used to check your own backlinks, or find links of any website and discover new link sources.

The tool collects backlink data from over 160 international and local search engines and its exclusive multi-billion in-house backlink database. Each found link is analyzed against 40+ important SEO metrics, such as:

  • Link Anchor Text
  • URL of the backlink page
  • Google Page PR and Google Domain PR
  • Domain age
  • Link Value
  • Alexa Rank
  • DMOZ, Yahoo! directories inclusion
  • Visits (taken from Google Analytics);
  • and a lot more

You can also compare link profiles of several sites in one convenient dashboard:

Let’s see how heave this is on your pocket:

improve your Google SERP Ranking

4. Get Hold on those awesome backlinking Opportunities to improve your Google SERP Ranking

Let’s suppose you found 100 linking opportunities for your domain. Now, what’s next?

Now, you will start finding their contact details. If you are fast enough then you’ll do it within few days. What if you are not? The clock is ticking my friend. You definitely are gonna end up bad on this.

Once you collected all the contacts, now you’ll approach all of them one by one. It’s a surety that everyone is not gonna reply but some will. Question is, are you ready to handle all those responses in a proper way. I mean will you be able to recollect which response if from whom and for what website? Will you be able to recollect what was the Alexa rank of that website? Hell, there are a lot of dots to be connected with one mail.

On the contrary, what if you get something which can do all that for you at one place? Without missing even a single dot for you. That too in real-time, every time you look at it. Well, you know my response.

Have a look at how this works for me.

 LinkAssistant – the best tool to manage your link building campaigns

Your whole link building campaign can be facilitated by the features of LinkAssistant tool.

With this SEO app you can find a great number of high-quality link sources using various search mechanisms:

  • Find sites by keyword search
  • Search sites that link to your competitors
  • Find sites that already link to you
  • Harvest all URLs on web pages you specify
  • Perform a deep scan on the website you specify

Each found link is analyzed according to various SEO-important criteria.

With LinkAssistant you can easily handle large amounts of data: arrange link partners into categories, assign various statuses to them and sort them so that each of your partners is always at hand.

LinkAssistant has a fully-fledged email client that lets you take full control of your link building correspondence. With LinkAssistant you can write personalized e-mails to webmasters and website owners, and never spend more than a couple of seconds to find a way to contact them.

Let’s see how heavy this is on your pocket:

improve your Google SERP Ranking

SEO Powersuite – All in One Package to Improve your Google SERP Ranking

So have you seen that how easily you can do it yourself?

I know, I know……….You must be thinking I also have not suggested one thing to you. But here is the twist. All these 4 software mentioned above are part of one package but are available independently as well. Which means you can buy all at once, else you may buy the individual package as per your need. This whole package is called SEO Powersuite.

SEO PowerSuite is an effective one-stop SEO solution. This set of four top-notch SEO tools covers a wide range of on-page and off-page optimization tasks, including:

  • keyword research;
  • rankings monitoring;
  • content optimization;
  • SEO site audit;
  • competition research;
  • link building and management;
  • …and a lot more

With this full-cycle SEO software, you can automate SEO routines, cut boring SEO workload and streamline your SEO efforts.

SEO PowerSuite toolkit includes the following tools that can be downloaded as one archive:

  • Rank Tracker – the keyword research and rankings monitoring tool. If you are struggling with keyword research, this is the best tool for you.
  • WebSite Auditor – on-page SEO and content optimization software. If you are struggling with Search Engine Optimization and Content Optimization. Then this is the best tool for you.
  • SEO SpyGlass – backlink finder with the most powerful link quality assessment among backlink tools.
  • LinkAssistant – convenient tool for link management and link building

Common features in all SEO PowerSuite tools

Each SEO PowerSuite app has an intuitive reporting tool with a drag-n-drop editor. You can generate professional eye-candy reports, choose which data sections to include and in what order. You can quick-print a report (Professional version), or save it in PDF/HTML format (Enterprise version).

The reports in the Enterprise edition can be white-labeled. You can remove all mentions of SEO PowerSuite, include your company logo and credentials, adjust color schemes, add client info etc. You can upload SEO PowerSuite reports to your website or email them directly to your clients in PDF or HTML.

Besides PDF/HTML reports, the collected data can be exported “as is” in CSV, TXT, HTML, XML and SQL formats.

All the apps have an intuitive user interface and customizable workspaces, which let process and organize the data the most convenient way.

The software is WindowsMac OS X, and Linux compatible.

Bottom line

SEO PowerSuite software is a leader in SEO tools because it offers:

  • all features you need to plan and execute your SEO strategy and check results
  • low fixed price for unlimited data and almost immediate data checks
  • unlimited projects, keywords, backlinks, crawled pages, search engines etc.
  • updates whenever there’s a change in SEO techniques to help you adapt to change quickly
  • You can try SEO PowerSuite right here by taking it on a free test drive. Or order your copy and start doing SEO with SEO PowerSuite straight away!

The software comes in three editions, Free (limited features), Professional and Enterprise. You can check the pricing over here.

improve your Google SERP Ranking

You can try SEO PowerSuite right now for free. Or order your copy and start doing SEO with SEO PowerSuite straight away!

I shared my experience, now it’s your turn. Share how you do your SEO?

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Feel free to ask questions, in case you feel stuck somewhere.

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