3 Easy ways to find the popularity of your niche market in next few minutes

After doing a lot of research and self-analysis you found your niche. But what about the niche market?

You digged a lot deeper within and found a niche, which is an ideal fit for you. A niche, which is of great interest to you. You are enthusiastic and passionate about that niche and keep on learning a lot about it. About which you think, that you’ll be able to help your readers in a great way.

But have you analyzed the niche market? If not, then soon some new doubts will start taking its root in your mind.

Doubts like:

  • Whether the niche you chose is popular or not?
  • Whether people will be interested to learn and read about it?
  • Whether you can make money with this niche or not?
  • Whether people are willing to pay for this niche or nor?

So today we’ll talk about the scenario, where you chose one “NICHE” yet scratching head & questioning yourself, is it popular?

It’s one of the most common question asked by a lot of aspirant bloggers. And it does not seems so serious thing from a third person eye, yet if you are into it, it’s a paralysis.

I know the pain behind this. I have gone through this situation. My mind didn’t stop thinking about the doubt’s it had. I read a lot of articles to find answers to my questions, but almost every article seems futile.

But no need to fear, when I am near. As you’ll read ahead, you’ll know and find that all the layers of your doubts are peeled off. 

So let’s start peeling all the layers of your doubts. Let’s start by understanding a bit about “NICHE”.

What is a Niche?

Per Cambridge dictionary, Niche can be understood in these two ways:

  1. A job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like; or else
  2. An area or position that is exactly suitable for a small group of the same type;

How does is connects to the blogging world?

Both the meanings mentioned above are two sides of a coin of finding a niche in the blogging world.

1st Side of Niche

A job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like

This meaning has a very individual relation. It is only talking about one person. So in the blogging industry, this meaning has a very good relationship with you.

Suppose you want to start a blog or have already started one. So a niche for you in relation to your blog will be the topic you chose. Writing or talking about which makes you feel comfortable and confident. This is your side, your point of view. It’s your experience, which you are sharing.

Suppose you are a person, who loves traveling. You have traveled almost every corner of your country alone. You have tasted almost every cuisine in route to your travel. You have interacted and made friends all over your country. You have faced every kind of dire situation you can face in your quest and have overcome it.

Don’t you think it’ll make you feel comfortable to speak about it if required? Of course, you’ll feel confident while talking about it on any platform.

2nd Side of Niche

An area or position that is exactly suitable for a small group of the same type

This meaning is just the opposite. This meaning has nothing to do with an individual. It’s focusing on a group. In the blogging industry, this meaning has everything to do with your audience.

Let’s continue with the example above of you being a person who loves traveling. So this side of the niche will focus on what your reader want’s to know, to understand.

Suppose you want to show the misery side of your travel. But your readers want to know more about the fun you had. You want to share about cuisines, but your readers want to know, how you planned your travel to a certain destination.

A slight difference in what you want to share and what your readers want to know may lead to disaster for you.

So what’s an ideal niche?

An ideal niche can always be said as a proper overlap of your and your reader’s interest. Where you enjoy telling the story and your readers enjoy reading it. This might seem a bit scary…..right?

But no need to be overwhelmed. Niche doesn’t bound you. In fact, it’s to attract readers towards you. It’s to define what you want to focus more on.


XYZ is a travel enthusiast. He has great friends back at home who envy his free spirit. And they want to know how XYZ manages to travel so much, being an owner of a startup.

So XYZ started a blog, focused on busy people. Who wants to travel like him, but don’t seem to have time to do so. So here, XYZ has found readers in his friends only. Friends, who are busy, yet travel enthusiast. They want to travel like him but can’t seem to find out time in their busy schedule.

If you look closely, you’ll see that his niche was to help busy travel enthusiast people. That’s his specialty to attract initial readers. But as the numbers of your readers expand, their interest will start to vary. And then you can start talking about other questioned aspects as well.

So your niche doesn’t bound you, instead, it helps you find readers facing a certain problem, you focused on.

3 easy ways to find the popularity of your niche market?

Now what XYZ did was an easy decision. He loved traveling and already found his initial readers in his friends only. But what if you are good at something totally different. Which is not at all common and you don’t have enthusiastic people around you to talk about that? Then how would find out the popularity of the one you chose?

Here are few very simple tools and methods to research your niche market.

# Amazon

3 Easy ways to find the popularity of your niche market in next few minutes

Go to amazon.com, click on “shop by category” and then on Kindle eBooks. Now search by writing your niche in the search bar.

  • Are you able to see books written on that niche?
  • Are there books on subtopics of that niche?
  • Are there reviews on those books? Now, remember here, ” the number of reviews are always less than the actual number of buyers”. 

If you find the answer to all those questions as “YES”, then definitely it’s a popular niche.

# Quora

3 Easy ways to find the popularity of your niche market in next few minutes

Go to quora.com and write down your niche in the search bar and click enter. You can then filter the results “By Type”.

  • Are you able to see questions related to your niche?
  • Are there questions related to that niche?
  • Have those questions been answered?
  • Are there any answers which have been upvoted?
  • What are the numbers of views to that answer?

If you are able to see all those things in quora.com, then definitely the niche you chose is popular.

# Google

3 Easy ways to find the popularity of your niche market in next few minutes

Go to Google.com, write down your niche in the search bar and hit enter.

  • How many search results are you able to see?
  • Are there articles written on that niche?
  • Are you able to see articles related to that niche?
  • Click on those links and check if they have comments from their readers?
  • Are your able to see articles from any website you already know?

If you are able to see all those things in results on Google.com, then you have a kicking niche.

Now before you leave, if there’s something in the article, that’s not making sense to you…..Please feel free to ask.

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